"No one knows about my heart, that i may look like i'm smiling but really i'm not smiling."

Anonymous said: I totally agree with how you feel about the jiko couple and it's not because we feel possessive over him but it's something else that makes us uneasy. I know how you feel because I feel the same way. But we both support him. :) I understand.

it’s a heart that makes you feel uneasy. but as i said if this relationship makes him happy and complete then so be it. thanks anyways!

Anonymous said: unnie!! jiko is finally confirmed!! at last. your thoughts ;3?

hi dear, i just answered a similar question in a previous ask.

Anonymous said: Thoughts on Jiko?

for my own personal reasons it is a bit harder for me to accept this than to some other vips/ji stans, but i do hope he’s found what he’s been looking for. i wish him the best and if this love is what makes him happy then i have absolutely no reasons to be against it in any way.